WP 1 tasks

"Dynamics of urban development in Europe" will provide an insight into the mid-and long-term de­velopmental trends of European urban regions. One output is the urban form typology, which is derived from spatial observation and trend analysis and is supposed to serve as a structuring element for the other WPs. This typo­logy shall reflect a number of hypotheses about the potential impact of urban forms on the use and flow of resources.

The second output will be an estimation of the rate of urban restruc­turing, based on developmental scenarios which consider different growth rates of popu­lation and economy. The urban restructuring rate in the context of this project is also an urban metabolic rate in the form of the built structure stocks flowing over time. The main question here is: at what rate can existing stocks be replaced by more modern, ecology-oriented structures under given scenario assumptions. The WP 2 model, using these projected rates, will tackle the question whether a fast or a slow rate of renewing our cities is more helpful from a resource optimisation viewpoint.

The result of this investigation will be, in turn, used as an in­put to WP 1 in order to estimate the effects of differing transformation typologies in ur­ban con­texts in Europe.

Further tasks:

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