WP 4 tasks

"Urban planning policies and strategies" will primarily deal with the full understanding of who is currently shaping urban areas and actors’ behaviour and with what intents. This shall explain why the future trends of urban development are shaped in a way which can be described as far from metabolically sound, particularly with respect to the urban form typology derived in WP 1. It shall also deal with the question whether the existing incentive structures for actors’ behaviour tend to prevail in a mid- to long-term perspective and what could bring about changes.

This will be achieved by testing the models for alternative resource-efficient urban forms derived from WP 3 from the actors’ perspective of interests in the given incentive structure. Based on this analysis, two strategies shall be developed: first, strategies to influence the set of incentives and rules itself and second, communication strategies to demonstrate which urban forms shall be achieved and why.

Further tasks:

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