SUME Milestones

Milestone 1 (month 3): Inception, Start of dissemination
At milestone 1 after month 4: Based on the Kick-off meeting and the exchange of detailed work plans, a inception report will outline the specific research questions and the plan to interact between work-packages; also dissemination starts with a webpage and communi­cation tool up and running.

Milestone 2 (month 12): Urban form typology, Urban metabolic profiles
At milestone 2 after month 12 the identification and analysis of urban form in its relation to urban metabolism will lead to an urban form typology. Urban metabolic profiles will be elaborated and discussed in Interface WSH 2.

Milestone 3 (month 18): Urban metabolic rate typology, stocks & flows-concept
Urban development scenarios will be presented and discussed in Interface WSH 3, leading to an urban metabolic rate typology. The stocks & flows-concept is laid out and discussed, as the basis for the urban metabolism model to be developed.

Milestone 4 (month 30): Metabolic impact analysis, models for metabolically opti­mal urban form and urban development policies
With Interface WSH 5, the substance of all individual WP results are being presented and evaluated with perspective of a joint outlook. Inputs from the wider stakeholder community and other researchers from the Dialogue Conference are being integrated. Results and conclusions with respect to a methodological and empirical research agenda are being elaborated in joint way.

Milestone 5 (month 36): Synthesis and outlook
The project will be finished with delivery of the synthesis and outlook report and the dissemination activity report after 3 years.

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